The Great Egg Hunt:  Balloons, face painting, cookie decorating, games, a visit from the Easter Bunny, and 1300 eggs.  That is what we call a Great Egg Hunt, and it is free for kids and families in our community.  The Great Egg Hunt takes place at Tallahassee First and is a fun way for individuals, families, and life groups to serve and connect with families in our community.   


Community Blitz: Each Spring our church spends a Saturday helping families and individuals in our neighborhoods with yard work and mowing. Each year dedicated volunteers spread across the city doing tasks that include, mowing, raking, taking out trees and bushes as well as light repair for the residents. For those that participate this event is always rewarding at many different levels. Besides being an outreach ministry real community happens when we work together on this day.


Neighborhood Block Party:  The first Sunday afternoon in June we host over 200+ of our friends that live immediately around our 1983 Mahan Drive location.  With open air tents, tables and chairs placed under the trees covering, coupled with a rich smell of grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken, iced cold soft drinks and water, uplifting sounds of music flowing through the air, we watch children, teens and adults water sliding; horse shoes, frisbee tossing, or just sitting in the shade telling some 'yarns' of the past...a great time for all...and it is always FREE.

Operation Gear-up: Every year in August we celebrate the return of school by providing a fun day filled with food, prizes, family photos, game and most importantly school supplies. Many kids receive school supplies and backpacks at this event. It takes many people to volunteer making this day a success.


Trunk or Treat: Generally this event in most churches is for "insiders." For Tallahassee First it is just the opposite. Many churches that have this event consider it a safe way for church kids to have a fall or Halloween party. Many times the church gathers with all the car trunks facing the inside of the parking lot. At our churches we turn our trunks to the sidewalk and show Christ love to our neighborhood kids. This is an incredibly fun evening for those who choose to participate.  Great food contest also happen for adults too...Chili cook-offs, pie contests, games, and much more.


Light up a Life: Each year at Christmas our church tries to find a creative way to give to others in need. Sometimes this means partnering with community organization and donating hundreds of toys or it can mean helping many families from the community and within the church to enjoy a complete Christmas. Many lives have been touched at this most blessed time of year by not only receiving in Christ's name but by giving as well.