Tallahassee First

  Church of the      Nazarene
   Pastor Dave and Nita Pullen


 Tallahassee First

  Church of the      Nazarene
   Pastor Dave and Nita Pullen



First Church of the Nazarene

1983 Mahan Drive

Tallahassee, FL 32308



Voluntary Return to

In-Person Worship 

10:45 am - Sunday

 9:45 am - Bible Study



"As of September 25, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, moved the State into a 'Phase 3' reopening during the Covid event. 


We apologize for whatever inconvenience this may cause you at this time.

Your health and safety are of most importance to us.



JOIN US on Site

Still...Wash your hands with

warm soap and water,

and or use hand sanitizer,

whenever possible and social distance.

More individuals are returning.  


The Church has been sanitized and prepped for You.


If You Feel You Need to Worship at Home,

We Will Continue  Video-Streaming

Online LIVE  Every Sunday.


OnSite Classes for all ages

and  Nursery are currently available.



APRIL 18, 2021

​​Sunday Schedule
10:45 AM

"How to Fix My Life"
John 21:1-6


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If You Cannot Make it to Real Church?
Worship OnLine - LIVE



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note: if there are issues with the live stream, check our Facebook page here or watch the stream directly on YouTube here


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NEXTGen Ministries
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Meet in the Gym


 Matthew Payne        Kids 

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BIBLICAL Influences

New Bible Study Beginning





Biblical Laws of Influence

follow them and people will follow you


Hope You Will Join Us!


“Influence Determines a Person’s

Level of Effectiveness”




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